Magnetic Smart Dock

Magnetic Smart Dock

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CarbonLife – Magnetic Smart Dock



  • Elegant and timeless design made of solid stainless steel with integrated pen-holder
  • Perfect hold of your smartphone with 2R-Tec Magnetic Carbon Cover by a special magnet-system
  • No magnetization or damaging of your phone by the patented magnet-system
  • One-hand-use by perfect stability
  • Connectors and buttons are free to use
  • 360° rotatable – use in landscape or portrait format
  • Comfortable docking of your smartphone
  • Compatible with the 2R-Tec Magnetic-Line Carbon Cover
  • Compact size
  • Producer: 2R-Tec - Made in Germany



To optimize the daily use of your smartphone, that is our goal!
The solution is the 2R-Tec Magnetic-Line, including the Magnetic Smart Dock,
the Magnetic Mobile Dock & the Magnetic Carbon-Cover.

The Magnetic Smart Dock is made of massive stainless steel with a timeless design, 100% in Germany.
In business or private sectors,  whether as a calculator on your desk or as recipie-holder in the kitchen, you have a perfect look on your smartphone every time.

One-hand-use, perfect stability and comfortable docking of the smartphone are guaranteed by the weight of 420 g. You can easily use the touchscreen in landscape or portrait format because of the 360°-rotatability.

You have free access to all connectors and buttons.

For our engineers it was worthy to one the one hand develop a magnetic system, that brings a perfect hold but also one that does not damage your smartphone with the magnet. Our system safes your data and does not impair the life-time of your smartphone.

The magnet-system - our Magnetic-Line is patented and compatible with the Carbon Cover of the der 2R-Tec Magnetic-Line.



Scope of delivery:

·Magnetic Smart Dock

·1x instruction manual


The smartphone as well as the decoration are not included in the scope of delivery!


Additional information for business customers:

  • For business clients, we can individualize the carbon case and the gift packages with your logo.
  • Additional we offer for industrial clients an order-t´related production of elements made of fiber-reinforced composites.

Transport in the space of Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the EU as an affirmed DHL-package
-within Germany without shipping cost


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Magnetic Mobile Dock Magnetic Mobile Dock
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